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      The German Pinscher ~

               A Working Dog of Great Intelligence

The German Pinscher..

is an ancient breed of great intelligence and high energy.
They are medium sized and robust with a strong prey drive.
Alert and intelligent, they are outstanding performance dogs as well as companions with an instinctive drive to protect home and family.
Because of their strong will, intelligence and independent nature, obedience training is a MUST! Red, Black and Tan, Blue and Tan and Fawn are acceptable colors.


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The GPCA strongly opposes the breeding of German Pinschers to perpetuate colors that are not recognized by our AKC standard. These would include, but not limited to, colors such as chocolate with tan to rust markings, harlequin, merle and tri-colored pinschers.




German Pinschers have been an AKC Recognized Breed since January 1st , 2003.

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A Black/Tan Male German Pinscher

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